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    Background Checks : Providing Adequate Protection

    A workshop to provide information that will assist a church to exercise “due diligence” in providing protection for their members who are most vulnerable.

    Length: 45 minutes

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  • 195

    Church Starting

    Dwight Huffman presents the answers to the most frequently asked questions with regard to the CCSB vision for church starting.

    Length: 43 minutes

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  • 860

    Sunday School Chain Reaction - Part 2

    Part two of basic Sunday School principles

    Length: 43 minutes

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  • 1153

    Comeback Churches, Pt. 1

    Ed Stetzer discusses aspects of church revitalization, from his book, "Comeback Churches."

    Length: 58 minutes

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  • 1732

    Breaking Growth Barriers Part 2

    Fred presents a clear presentation of how to overcome many of the natural barriers to church growth.

    Length: 20 minutes

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  • 1046

    Creative Worship - Artists & Pastors Working together (Part 4 of 4)

    In this session of a 4 part series on Creative Worship we will discuss the key but tricky relationship of Artists & Pastors Working together. We will go over the strengths and weaknesses of both roles and ways to work together to create a beautiful Worship Experience.

    Length: 49 minutes

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  • 2771

    Children's Ministry - Part 1

    Linc Taylor gives a simple seven-step process on how to minister to children in your church at specific ages, when they are asking specific questions concerning their faith.

    Length: 52 minutes

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  • 1076

    ABC's of Evangelism

    Shane Spannagel talks about making evangelistic events work for your church. The Key components to every event.

    Length: 55 minutes

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  • 2590

    El Plan de Dios para La Familia, pt 3

    El Plan de Dios para La Familia conference, held in Phoenix, AZ. This is Part 3 of 3.

    Length: 32 minutes

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