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    Desarrollando Ministerios Hispanos de Segunda Generacion en los Estados Unidos

    Mas allá del Ministerio de Jóvenes. Levantando líderes de segunda generación para las iglesias hispanas del siglo 21 .

    Length: 31 minutes

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    Church Life Cycles & Leadership

    Learn about organizational life cycles in religious organizations and typical life cycle patterns. Discover the predominant leadership styles for each stage in the life cycle and how leadership is the critical piece for turning an organization around toward greater growth and health.

    Presented to the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan, January 4, 2011.

    Length: 27 minutes

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    Teaching Children Series - Guiding Behavior "'Fitting In"

    Helping a Child to "Fit In"

    Length: 30 minutes

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    Emerging Evangelism for an Emerging Generation

    Chad Childless talks about how to evangelize the emerging generation.

    Length: 55 minutes

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    Bible Storying 3-8

    In part 3 of "Bible Storying", Mark Snowden defines what a "worldview" and "people group" are, and how these must be understood in order to engage in effective storying.

    Length: 50 minutes

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    Media on a Shoe String Budget

    This session goes over ways to use great software programs that are cheap (and sometimes FREE) to create graphics, slideshows, videos and presentations.

    Length: 60 minutes

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    2013 VBX Preteen Leader Training

    VBS training for VBX Preteen Leaders

    Length: 57 minutes

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    Spiritual Power

    A Healthy Church is empowered by the Holy Spirit

    Length: 51 minutes

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    Bible Storying 7-8

    In Part 7 of the "Bible Storying" series, Mark Snowden provides insight on drawing out the truths of where you need to go spiritually in a small group.

    Length: 52 minutes

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